How can you decide what suncreen is the right fit for you?

If you walk into any drugstore you may become overwhelmed with the amount of different sunscreens available. But if obvious things like price aren't an issue for you, how can you make a decision about which one to buy?

First you should start by checking the back labels of the sunscreens to see what the active ingredients are. You may notice that a pricier sunscreen has the same active ingredients as the budget brand. The sunscreens will fall into two categories, physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens.

Physical sunscreens are physical blockers that will reflect the UV rays away from the skin. This is because there is Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that remain on the surface of the skin. This means that this sort of sunscreen is great for children and sensitive skin since they are not absorbed and will not have any chemical reactions with anything else on the skin. Some people may choose not to use these because you may often see a white cast of the sunscreen on the skin. These kinds of sunscreens are recommended for those who have sensitive skin, and children and infants.

Chemical sunscreens are chemical absorbers. They use synthesized compounds to absord the UV rays of the sun. These are considered more reactive than physical sunscreen and may cause irritation to certain skin types. These sunscreens are often the most desireable because they offer the most protection from UV rays. They also won't leave a ghostly look on your skin. These are the best sunscreens to use on a daily basis if your skin is not irritated by them.